About Us

  • Since 1980 ‚Notruf für vergewaltigte Frauen und Mädchen e.V.‘, a registered association, has been supporting women and girls affected by sexual violence, offering them practical help and engaging in public relations activities.
  • Today, FRAUEN NOTRUF rape crisis centre is a recognised institution specialising in trauma and victim protection.
  • Our team consists of seven all-female staff members qualified by their training and long-term experience.
  • All women and girls who experienced acts of sexual violence have access to free and confidential services offered by FRAUEN NOTRUF rape crisis centre.
  • The work done by Hamburg FRAUEN NOTRUF has been financed by government grants as well as a large share of donations and fines.
  • FRAUEN NOTRUF is a politically and denominationally independent and charitable association. Thus your donations are tax-deductible.
  • Hamburg FRAUEN NOTRUF is one of about 140 women’s crisis centres nationwide and member of the ‚Federal Association of Rape Crisis Centres and Women’s Counselling Centres‘ (bff) in Germany



Sexual Violence

Human dignity shall be inviolable.
(Article 1 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany)