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Human dignity shall be inviolable.

Sadly enough, violations of this basic human right by acts of sexual violence are part of many women’s and girls‘ everyday lives.

Rape is one of the most extreme forms of sexual violence. But there are also other kinds, such as sexual harassment at work or via phone, indecent exposures or intimate touches that are unwanted. Only few of these violent acts are commited by complete strangers.

If you were or have been subjected to sexual acts of violence, try not to cope with your feelings and problems alone.

You can turn to our counselling centre, no matter

  • what kind of and what extent of sexual violence you experienced
  • who inflicted the violence on you – whether a man, a woman, or several persons
  • how long ago the offence was committed – whether hours, days, months, or (many) years
  • whether you reported the crime to the police, want to report it, or not.

Our counselling and support services are confidential and free. You may stay anonymous if you wish.

You can get counselling on the phone and/or arrange for personal meetings with a female counsellor. You can also make use of therapeutic counselling over an extended period of time. For more information go to FRAUEN NOTRUF support services.

If you wish, bring along a female person of trust for the counselling talk.

Be assured that we will not make any moves without your explicit consent.

This is one of our key principles.



Sexual Violence

Human dignity shall be inviolable.
(Article 1 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany)