Medical Care

Regardless of whether you want to report to the police or not, it is highly recommended to have a medical check after rape as soon as possible.

A health check is helpful as it allows to

  • look for possible injuries and take care of them. Even injuries you have not noticed or sensed at first can be ascertained and treated by health professionals.
  • get information as to concerns, such as
    • pregnancy testing (if needed consult a trusted gynaecologist)
    • sexually transmitted infections
  • and get precautionary treatment

On request we provide you with a list of (female) physicians that are experienced and sensitive in dealing with the impact of sexual assault.

It is you who decides whether to report to the police or not – nobody else. No one, no physician is entitled to force you to do so!

The results of the examination may also help you in case you decide to report the offence to the police at a later stage because a forensic medical examination aims at collecting and securing evidence that helps to convict the perpretator.

‚Just in case‘ forensic medical examination: In case you do not know whether you will report the offence later on, in order to secure evidence some measures will prove effective (e.g. evidence verifying the type of sexual assault that occurred can help identify the person who sexually assaulted you, it can also support your explanations of what took place).

So – if possible, in order to maximize the successful collection of forensic evidence:

  • have a medical check as soon as possible (best within 72 hours of the rape or sexual assault, but still up to one week after the assault)
  • do not wash before the medical examination or try not washing the body parts affected in the assault
  • keep the clothing worn at the time of the assault (in seperate paper bags) and do not wash it
  • ask the physician to document precisely the results of the examination and traces of injuries

A forensic medical examination can identify traces of semen in the vagina up to 3-4 days after the assault. Visible external and invisible internal injuries sometimes can still be determined as traces of physical violence after several days. But, of course, an immediate or early medical check is advisable and most helpful.

Apart from medical examination treatment, the ‚Institute of Forensic Medicine for Victims of Violence‘ (‚Rechtsmedizinische Untersuchungsstelle für Opfer von Gewalttaten‘) at UKE Eppendorf (Eppendorf University Hospital) offers you the following options:

  • You can have a medical check and medical care at any time day and night – best notify ahead of time via phone.
  • The results of the examinations can be documented and stored securely (e.g. all traces and injuries will be testified and secured so that even in a criminal proceeding at a later stage all criteria of forensic and legal demands will be met.
  • You do not have to report to the police to have access to these services.
  • There is no guarantee you will be examined by female staff exclusively.
  • Choose the kind of medical care that suits your needs best,
  • If possible have a friend or trusted person accompany you.



Sexual Violence

Human dignity shall be inviolable.
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