Counselling Centre

FRAUEN NOTRUF (Hamburg) is a rape crisis and victim support centre focussing on client-centered and trauma-based counselling. It has been financed by public funds and donations since 1980.

Our all female staff members have about 2000 counselling talks (via phone or face-to-face) per year with women and girls affected by sexual violence. They also offer counselling services to familiy members, relatives, confidants and other supporters.

  • FRAUEN NOTRUF is committed to supporting women and girls who experienced rape, attempted rape, or are exposed to the thread of rape
  • In case of other kinds of sexual violence, e.g. sexual assault or sexual harassment at the workplace or on the phone, those affected can also turn to FRAUEN NOTRUF.
  • Confidants such as family members, parents, friends, partners, exes, and others offering support are free to make use of the information and counselling services FRAUEN NOTRUF provides for them. We also provide information on further options of support.
  • We offer training courses, supervision, expert discussions, and information events for professionals and professional institutions. These events are held by our staff members.



Sexual Violence

Human dignity shall be inviolable.
(Article 1 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany)